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Burger Time we’re about amazing food, served at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, stylish environment. We’re about quality; 100% pure Angus beef / Chicken burgers, completely filler-free, that sizzle on the grill and melt in your mouth.

We’re about process; sourcing foods locally and making sure they’re as fresh as possible. About taking the time to get it right; carefully preparing dishes like they were for friends and family.

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We,re about Quality ; Sink your teeth into a delicious restaurant-style, Burger Time recipe made from 100% pure Angus beef ( Scottish breed of small beef cattle ) Skip the prepackaged patties and take the extra time to craft up your own, and that little extra effort will be worth it

In order to qualify as Certified Angus Beef, meat has to come from cattle that are certified on paper to have specific genetic qualities and their bodies must be 51% or more solid black, hence the term “Black Angus.” Angus cattle are known for genes that make meat well marbled, more tender and flavorful.

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Our menu delivers a range of super tasty burgers, as well as the perfect sides and accompaniments for each (who doesn’t love Fries covered in cheese and bacon!). If there is anything you’d love to see on the menu or you have any questions, make sure you drop us a line and provide the feedback.

Classic Prawns Burger
QAR 26
Laham Burger
Single : QAR 26
Double : QAR 36
Rocca Beef Burger
Single : QAR 28
Double : QAR 38
Burger time special
QAR 25
Chicken Wings
QAR 30
Classic Rubian
QAR 26
Cheese Fries
QAR 17
American Cheese Balls
QAR 25
Laham Fries
QAR 35
Chicken Finger
QAR 27
Chicken Cheese Ball
QAR 29
Normal Fries
QAR 10
Strawberry Mojito
QAR 17
Mango Mojito
QAR 17
Passion Fruit Mojito
QAR 17
Blue Lagoon Mojito
QAR 17

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  • CHICKEN WINGS-------------------------------------------------QAR 30
  • --------Marinated fried chicken wings with our special sauce----

  • CLASSIC RUBIAN------------------------------------------------QAR 26
  • --------Marinated breaded shrimps with garnish and our special sweet spicy sauce----

  • CHEESE FRIES----------------------------------------------------QAR 17
  • --------Potato fries with spring onion, fried onion, jalapeno with cheese souse----

  • AMERICAN CHEESE BALL------------------------------------QAR 28
  • --------Fried potato with cheese and BT special sauce----

  • LAHAM FRIES---------------------------------------------------QAR 35
  • --------Fried beef with our special recopies jalapeno, fried onion, spring onion with cheese sauce----

  • CHICKEN FINGER-- ---------------------------------------------QAR 27
  • --------Marinated breaded chicken finger with fries, spring onion with cheese sauce and our special sauce----

  • BUFFALO WINGS -- ---------------------------------------------QAR 30
  • --------Marinated chicken wings, Garnish, spring onion and home made special sauce----

  • FILET FISH FINGER -- ----------------------------------------QAR 28
  • --------Marinated fish with french fries, home made sweet spicy sauce and cheddar cheese sauce----

  • CHICKEN CHEESE BALL--------------------------------------QAR 29
  • ---Marinated chicken with cheese, potato fries special sauce----

  • NORMAL FRIES--------------------------------------------------QAR 10


  • BURGER TIME SPECIAL-------------------------------------QAR 30
  • ----Marinated breaded chicken patty with lettuce, tomato, cucumber slice with cheddar cheese and BT special sauce---

  • RUBIAN BURGER------------------------------------------------QAR 26
  • ---Marinated breaded shrimps with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno and breaded onion rings with our special sauce---

  • CLASSIC BEEF BURGER----------------------------------------QAR 26 / Double QAR 36
  • ---Certified beef with tomato, lettuce, pickle, jalapeno with cheddar cheese and special sauce---

  • BANGKOK SPICY----------------------------------------QAR 25
  • ---Crispy breaded chicken, pickle, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, normal made sauce and cheese---

  • ZINGER BURGER----------------------------------------QAR 25
  • ---Marinated chicken, pickle, lettuce, tomato, chef special sauce and cheese---

  • CHEESY JUCY BURGER----------------------------------QAR 28
  • ---Lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce with cheese slice and home made sauce---

  • LAHAM BURGER--------------- Single-QAR 17 / Double QAR 38
  • --Certified beef with tomato, lettuce, pickle, jalapeno with cheddar cheese and special sauce--

  • ROCA CHICKEN BURGER-----------Single-QAR 26
  • ---Marinated breaded chicken, Rocca, cheddar cheese sauce, pomegranate and thousand highland sauce---

  • ROCA BEEF BURGER-------Single-QAR 29 / Double QAR 39
  • ---Certified beef with Roca, cheddar cheese, pomegranate and thousand highland sauce---


  • STRAWBERRY MOJITO....................................................QAR 17
  • BLUE LAGOON MOJITO....................................................QAR 17
  • PASSION FRUIT MOJITO....................................................QAR 17
  • MANGO MOJITO..........................................................QAR 17

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